How to Vote In Person


Stay Safe! Vote Today!

Vote early now and make your voice heard without the worry!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am URGING all citizens to vote early by mail or in person!

You can vote today in the Sioux Falls City/School election!

 Download the printable guide here.


Where To Go

Early voting is available from 8 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri at the Minnehaha County Election Center at 220 W 6th St (corner of 6th St and Dakota Ave downtown).  Click the link below for directions:  

Look for the signs that say Minnehaha County Election Center and Absentee Vote Here.  Please note that all Sioux Falls citizens can vote here (even if you live in Lincoln County).


Where To Park / What To Bring

Parking and the entrance are located on the north side of the building.  At 6th and Dakota Ave, turn north onto 5th St and take the first right into the parking lot.  Bring your photo ID and your own blue or black pen!


Voting Early is SAFE!

Voting early is an INCREDIBLY SAFE way to vote!  There are only 2 workers on site typically.  There is safety glass between the workers and you.  The workers will not touch your photo ID.  You are also unlikely to encounter other voters as volume is averaging 1 voter PER HOUR.  Everything is sanitized between each voter.  Each voter that does not bring their own pen is given their own disposable pencil.  Multiple precautions are being taken.  There is no safer way to vote.  Vote NOW, make your voice heard, and eliminate the uncertainty of election day!